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FrozenMC Partnerships

Whats a partnership?

Being a partner with FrozenMC means that we both promote each other's servers to get more popular. It gets the server name out there while gaining some more players while at it.

I want to partner with FrozenMC!

That's great! We would love to partner with you too! Jump onto our discord server and create a ticket, we'll get it sorted.

FrozenMC partnership requirements.

To become a partner on FrozenMC you must meet the following requirements.

➜ Must have at least 100 members.
➜ Must be and stay SFW based.
➜ Must have an active user base.
➜ You must have a representative from your server in ours.
➜ Post a partner message within your server.
➜ Post a link to our server within yours.
➜ Must be and maintain a non-toxic community.

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