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by Craftymatt2 » 4 months ago

Frozen-MC Content Creators


Are you a Youtuber? Want to make regular videos on the server? Want some super cool perks in game and on our discord? 

Youtuber requirements:

➜ You must have at least 200 subscribers
➜ You must have already have made 2 videos on the server
➜ You need an average of at least 30 views per video


You're a streamer on Twitch? That's awesome! Want to stream on our server? You can do it with a fancy Twitch Streamer rank with some awesome perks.

Twitch streamer requirements:

➜ You must have at least 200 followers
➜ You must have already streamed 2 times on the server
➜ You need an average of at least 10 viewers per stream

Content Creator Rules

➜ You must be active within the Discord and the Minecraft servers
➜ You must record at least 2 videos or streams per week on the Minecraft server
➜ You must follow all rules, just like any other members
➜ Trolling/Griefing is not allowed as a video/stream idea

Creator Perks

➜ Your very own YouTube/Twitch rank
➜ The content creators private channel in discord
➜ Ability to post and promote your channel & videos you make on the server in the adverts discord channel
➜ Everything that comes with Omega rank
➜ 5 crate keys whenever your recording or streaming

To become a content creator on Frozen-MC, create a ticket in our Discord server.

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