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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
At Frozen-MC your privacy is important to us. Any details needed from you will be kept private and you will be told about anything we do to your information and we must get your permission to do anything with it (we don’t normally use your information at all). We will only retain personal information only as long as necessary for the fulfilment of specific purposes. Depending on what the information is and what it is for the purposes will obviously change. We will follow all guidelines of the Data Protection Act and Privacy Laws written to the United Kingdom’s Guidelines. If needed for an investigation your information may be used to contact you or differentiate your user from any other user.
All personal information stored on our service is restricted access only to our highly trained system administrators. Your personal information is never disclosed to the outer public and is only viewable by our support team when you have given it to them, if not it’s only accessible to the high management team. We never disclose or sell your personal information to third party companies, however, the management of Frozen-MC may request to view your account data under circumstances that we feel appropriate.
Our website uses cookies to store general data on you, these contain your username and password (if you clicked remember me) and how many times you viewed the site and a post (for analytical data). All this information is kept private.
By using our site, you agree to our privacy policy and cookies. Please note that you are warned on the site that the website collects cookies, this keeps in line with all applicable laws.

What data is kept and why it is kept.
Your website, social media and Minecraft usernames which you give to us. This is held to distinguish you from other players.
Your Minecraft UUID, this is used to distinguish you from other players in a more detailed way.
Your first name is required if you apply for staff, this is for general purposes and will distinguish you from others.
Your email address which you provide to us. This is used to contact you in case of an issue or to reset your password.
Your IP address is kept to distinguish you from other users.
Location. Your location may be gathered when you use our server or website. This is used mainly for analytical data. You are not forced to give your location, always feel free to leave it blank.
Date of Birth, your birthday is used to determine your age. This can then allow us to restrict your access to any page, for example, but not limited to, where you need to purchase something.
The date you registered is kept for analytical data.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please send our designated legal officer an email at, [email protected]